Ford entered a production-based purpose-built Bronco R in the 2019 Baja 1000 and is planning to enter again in the 2020 event in November.

Lucas Allen, Muscle Cars & Trucks »

In an interview with MC&T, Ford’s Chief Product Development & Purchasing Officer Hau Thai-Tang discussed the possibility of Ford producing the Bronco R as a turn-key racing truck.

“If there’s interest we’ll look into it,” said Thai-Tang. “We’ve done that with our Mustang and even our GTs.”

The Bronco R is a serious Class 2 Division racing machine, despite heavily featuring many of the road-going Bronco’s components. Composite body panels, a full-cage, and a trick suspension system with 14-inches of travel up front and 18-inches out back help to gear the truck up for the punishing terrain of the Mexican desert.