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To summarize the on-road experience: It’s no fancy Italian exotic, but we think a cross-country trip in a 2021 Ford Bronco would be far more tolerable than one in a Jeep Wrangler, though not nearly as enjoyable as the same trip would be in a Land Rover Defender.

Ford has a lot to prove here: The Jeep Wrangler makes the on-road sacrifices it does in the name of exceptional off-road aptitude, and the Bronco’s use of an independent front suspension rather than a live axle is bound to earn derision from the Jeepisti. Well, guys, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as an out-of-the-box off-roader, the Bronco appears to be every bit as capable as the Wrangler, and moderately easier to use.

The best we can do is to tell those who have already put down a deposit that, if their expectations are geared to an off-road vehicle, they are unlikely to be disappointed.