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Video » Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas Review

Bronco Off-Roadeo is an off-roading and outdoor adventure park — with four destinations located across the United States — with experiences that build customer confidence, expand their skills, and encourage them to get outdoors. Designed to teach, challenge, and excite both novices and experts, Bronco Off-Roadeo introduces customers into the world of Bronco, and celebrates the great outdoors and adventure-seeking lifestyle that is possible with the new Bronco.

Brett Foote, Ford Authority »

On day two, we didn’t waste any time, hopping into our Broncos and hitting a more difficult section of the trail with plenty of confidence. I watched as a few novices struggled with a few admittedly hairy obstacles, but all were able to overcome them with a little instruction and those aforementioned hero buttons. Day two featured a ton of rock crawling – including two particularly challenging sections – though none of them phased my non-Sasquatch four-door Badlands model one bit.

The Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas was, without a doubt, one of the best automotive experiences I’ve enjoyed in some time. Above all, it was inspiring to see people who had never been off-road in their lives master the basics in such a short period of time, then confidently climb up rocky cliffs they might have never otherwise attempted. It’s also a fantastic way for Ford to sell more Broncos, as almost every non-order holder in my group said that they plan on reserving one now, even if they have to wait two years to get it.

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Video » Motor1 reviews the new Bronco » and they say it’s worth the wait

Brandon Turkus takes a yellow 2-door Badlands, sans Sasquatch, for a review test drive.

Motor1 via YouTube »

We come to expect certain things from off-road vehicles, but none more so than a willingness to sacrifice on-road livability for dirt-road capability. A Toyota 4Runner, for example, has all the grace and agility of a hippo, while the Jeep Wrangler takes steering inputs as mere suggestions. But we accept these drawbacks because the vehicles are incredibly fun in the dirt and on the rocks. The 2021 Ford Bronco has no such drawbacks.

To be clear, there are things to dislike about the Bronco. But as an off-road vehicle that also works on the pavement, it’s as good as the Land Rover Defender. As a pure off-roader, it can go wheel to wheel with the toughest Jeep Wrangler when the road turns to mud or sand. And as the reintroduction of an iconic nameplate, it’s faithful to the core. The new Bronco is everything enthusiasts hoped it would be.

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The Drive says » A New Off-Road God Is Born

Kristen Lee, The Drive » 

But throughout the roughly three hours of off-roading on three different trails, nothing bested it. It never failed. It never got stuck. So surefooted and unshakable was the truck that after some time, I felt more and more at ease in spite to myself. I split my time between the First Edition on the rock-crawling trail and a $59,200 four-door, automatic, V6 Badlands Bronco on the milder dirt trail. Both handled the terrain with incredible aplomb. The trucks climbed up and down hills, forded creeks, and splashed through the mud like it was child’s play.

I’m probably as novice an off-roader as they come, but behind the wheel of Ford’s new truck, I felt reassured and confident that I could rely on the thing. Of course, I’m also very aware I was driving something that belonged to Ford, on a trail Ford curated and scouted, all while being chaperoned by Ford employees. Nothing bad or unexpected was supposed to happen.

But as a preview into what the truck is capable of, it impressed the hell out of me. I expected the Bronco to off-road well; I didn’t expect it to feel damn-near unbeatable. I felt like I could have taken it to the very ends of the Earth, where there are no more roads. It wouldn’t be a problem.

Though on- and off-road seat time was limited to a few hours, I walked away with the sense that the Bronco, adequate on paved roads, really shines when you throw it onto rough terrain. This is where it truly wants to be, kind of like the way a supercar hankers to be on a racetrack. The Bronco ate up the abuse and thirsted for more.

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