Brandon Turkus takes a yellow 2-door Badlands, sans Sasquatch, for a review test drive.

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We come to expect certain things from off-road vehicles, but none more so than a willingness to sacrifice on-road livability for dirt-road capability. A Toyota 4Runner, for example, has all the grace and agility of a hippo, while the Jeep Wrangler takes steering inputs as mere suggestions. But we accept these drawbacks because the vehicles are incredibly fun in the dirt and on the rocks. The 2021 Ford Bronco has no such drawbacks.

To be clear, there are things to dislike about the Bronco. But as an off-road vehicle that also works on the pavement, it’s as good as the Land Rover Defender. As a pure off-roader, it can go wheel to wheel with the toughest Jeep Wrangler when the road turns to mud or sand. And as the reintroduction of an iconic nameplate, it’s faithful to the core. The new Bronco is everything enthusiasts hoped it would be.

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