» An icon lives up to the hype

Alanis King, Business Insider » 

The Bronco feels purposefully brutish on the road and off. Its suspension absorbs ruts and impacts but doesn’t insulate the driver from them. It feels strong and confident but not disconnected.

You buy a Bronco to be one with the terrain without letting its impact turn you into a nauseous bobblehead, not to forget the terrain is there in the first place. The same goes for rough roads.

It’s easy to make a vehicle suitable for all drivers on the road; that’s what most rides are designed for. But where the Bronco really excels is making off-roading accessible to the novices and experts alike.

The new Bronco is an off-road icon with the digestibility of an everyday vehicle, and it’s back to remind us of that. We should enjoy it to its fullest.