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Road & Track says the Bronco nails a nearly impossible comeback

Photograph » DW Burnett // Source » Road & Track

Photograph » DW Burnett // Source » Road & Track

DW Burnett, Road & Track »

It’s a fantastic looking machine. It’s a tricky and treacherous job raising an iconic vehicle from the dead and putting it in a modern context. The new Bronco is right on the money, perfectly integrating the truck’s modern mission while preserving what it must have felt like to see it for the first time in 1965. The styling is so good, it barely needs mentioning. It’s just unquestionably a Bronco. Like it never left.

No matter what hill you call home in the off-roading world, Ford deserves (and has already gotten) some real applause for this deeply considered truck. When a superstar comes back to life it’s quite an achievement, but the mission here seems bigger than just recreating history. After all, if this really was 1965 all over again, Jeep would hardly even notice this shot directly across its bow. The Bronco is here to compete. And while high stakes one-upmanship doesn’t always make for good art, it has often made for some of our greatest automobiles. And Ford may have already gotten its answer: Just days before the first round of Bronco reviews were set to publish, Jeep announced that the Wrangler Rubicon will now be available with 35-inch tires, matching the Sasquatch Bronco—and an optional 4.56 gear package gives the Rubicon a crawl ratio that beats Bronco’s by something like 2 percent.

Welcome back, G.O.A.T.

Video » Ford shows how easy it is to customize the Bronco at the first ever virtual SEMA Show

The Bronco was designed from the ground to be be modular. It’s the ultimate invitation to the customization community, the focus of the SEMA Show. This Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door concept can go from stock to totally tricked out in a matter of hours, without having to resort to special tools, plasma cutters, or welders.

Brian Silvestro, Road & Track »

Called the Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door concept, this Bronco was built with one goal in mind: To show off just how easy it is to modify Ford’s new off-roader. The factory wheels have been replaced with a new set wrapped in some super-beefy all-terrain rubber. To make room for those wheels, virtually every exterior panel on this Bronco, including the front and rear fenders, the doors, and the roof, have been swapped out for new pieces. Those cut-out doors are a throwback to the original Bronco Roadster, which had the same style entryway. Additionally, the tow mounts on the nose and the interior grab handles have been replaced with bigger, beefier 3D-printed titanium units.

Kelly Lin, Motor Trend »

At the first-ever virtual SEMA show, Ford is debuting the 2021 Bronco Badlands Sasquatch Two-Door Concept, complete with beefier front and rear fenders that can be removed after off-roading expeditions and converted back to a less extreme spec for comfortable commuting during the week.

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